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Air Gun


The cheapest way to learn to shoot is to become a member of Shots. You can start by hiring a gun which will come with pellets. We will provide a range control officer who will oversee you on the range and keep you safe. All our range control officers are keen shooters and will be happy to help you get started and give you tips and advice. They will also walk you through the operations of the ranges and the safety procedures that are in place.

You are more than welcome if you have your own gun to come and shoot as a member or a guest. We have all the equipment you will need from air refills to targets and pellets.  We have a good group of regulars who come to shoot and socialise.

There are two target ranges available for air gun, the indoor 20yard range and the larger 60yard range. We also have a hunter field target club.

To become a member, you will need two passport photos and a completed application form which you can access here. MEMBERSHIP FORM  

The cost for an adult for a years membership is £110. Child's membership is £50.

You can also do this as an experience day.