Shots Sussex > FAQ


Q1: What do I need on my first visit?

A1: You will need to read and sign the Section 21 Disclaimer

Your photo Proof of ID

Warm clothing even though all shooting points are inside.

Money for a drink hot or cold

Optional items: your gun, pellets and card targets if you have them.

Q2: How do I become a member of shots?

A2: You will need to bring two passport photos 

A completed application form

The correct money

Have done or have time to do a site induction

Sign a Section 21 disclaimer form

Q3: Do I require insurance?

A3:  No! you don’t require insurance. Shots is fully insured

If you want to shoot in other places you may require it here is a helpful list for you

Basc (basc.org.uk)

The Countryside Alliance (countryside-alliance.org)

Q4: Can I bring a friend?

A4: Yes you can. They are more than welcome.

They can either sit behind you off the firing point or they can watch on the CCTV while having a drink in the café.

Failing that they might want to join in, sign up and have a go.

Q5: What are your opening times?

A5: We are open Wednesday 10am-5pm

Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday 10am -5pm

Q6: Is there anything I can look up or read before I come?

A6: here is some stuff to google:

Section 21 of the firearms act

Basc.org.uk ( Rifle Code of Practice )